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Prevent Lock Snapping - Fit Anti Snap Locks

attempted lock snapping bonnyrigg broken handles and attempted lock snapping anti snap euro upvc door lock

The threat from lock snapping has unfortunately now reached our area. Up until now this method of forced entry to homes by thieves was confined to  parts of southern England but has now spread across the UK because of media attention and the number of high value cars being stolen to order by thieves. Long gone are the days when a thief would break into a car hot wire it and just make off with your pride and joy. Nowadays due to much better car security thieves find it much more difficult to steal cars without the keys. They have to break-in to a property to steal the car keys.

It also doesn’t help when there are videos on the Internet and You tube showing the easiest ways to snap a standard euro lock. Most homes with upvc or composite doors over 2 years old will likely have standard euro locks that could be snapped. Even today some well known prominent house builders around the Edinburgh and Midlothian areas are still building new houses with very poor standard door locks and handles. 2 Recent attempted lock snapping break-ins occurred at new homes only built 6 months ago. The Handles where so week they were just ripped off the door and the lock subsequently snapped.

The 2 photos at the top of the this page are 2 attempted lock snapping in the last 6 months. Thankfully on both occasions the burglars failed to gain access to the property but its clear their intention and with a bit more knowledge the next homeowner might not so lucky.

In fact it was becoming so common after a spate of lock snapping attempts and break-ins that Police Scotland released a pamphlet on Social media warning homeowners about lock snapping and the best way to prevent it.

So how do we prevent lock snapping?

Well there are a number of things you can do to keep your property safe from the threat of lock snapping and here is a list to assist you doing the.

1. Upgrade your existing locks to Anti-Snap Euro Cylinders. If you are unsure if you already have anti snap locks then give us a call and we can usually tell you over the phone once you answer a couple of simple questions. We can also attend your property to assess your door locks and see if you indeed need to upgrade to anti snap locks.

2. Make sure you have good solid door handles and not cheap aluminium handles that could be ripped off using some basic tools. Some of the prominent house builders are still fitting these handles and basic euro locks to their new homes. You should be asking them what type of locks and handles are being fitted to the door and whether or not they will stand up to any attack by determined thieves.

3. Don’t leave tools lying around in your garden that could be used to snap of your handles and locks. And fit a lock or bolt onto your gate. Try to make it difficult as possible for them to get into your back garden.

How do Anti Snap Euro Locks work?

Each side of the cylinder has a machined cut as part of the lock. In the event of low life thieves trying to snap the lock with a pair of large plumbers grips the lock remains intact with the thief unable to open your door.

Insurance companies and Police are now recommending these locks to homeowners as the threat from Lock Snapping becomes more widespread.

Pentland Locksmiths supply and fit Anti-Snap Locks as standard when a customer requires a Lock Change.

For further information about Anti-Snap Euro Locks please give us a call and ask for Chris. Tel: 0131 663 8003

Lock Snapping