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Pentland Locksmith Bonnyrigg have been fixing locks in the Midlothian town for well over a decade. We know all the various locks that are fitted in each of the streets and have the largest selection of replacement locks in our van that will cover the whole town.

Door Lock Repairs in Bonnyrigg

The vibrant town of Bonnyrigg has a large number of new-build homes with composite door locks. We fix these locks every day and have every lock available in our van.

We also supply and fit Anti Snap door locks as standard, this will help prevent the threat from Lock Snapping.

Most other residential homes normally have uPVC door locks. uPVC door locks can be troublesome in the Winter and Summer months as low and high temperatures can affect uPVC doors and subsequently put pressure on the 5 Point Locking System

Locksmiths Services in Bonnyrigg

Most of our locksmith’s services in Bonnyrigg Midlothian are door locks repairs. We fix all types of door locks including upvc door locks and locks commonly found in new build homes in the Hopefield Estate Bonnyrigg. We also fix garage door locks and replace the barrels. In older-type properties with solid wooden doors, we normally fix and replace mortice locks and Yale Locks. We only supply and fit genuine Yale locks not cheap copies. 

uPVC Door Lock Repairs

Garage Locks

BS3621 Mortice Locks

Recent Jobs In Bonnyrigg

Well, what can you say about this lock?

Help I need some paint stripper!

So I had to scrape the grey paint of the locking system just to get it out the door, and then I was able to replace the broken 5 point locking system with a new lockmaster gearbox.

Painting down the side of the door is not recommended and can cause problems with the operation of your door lock.

Anyway all in a day’s work and the job completed within 30 minutes of the call.

Prevent Lock Snapping in Bonnyrigg

Unfortunately, there has been a number of break-ins in Bonnyrigg to steal car keys. It’s a horrible crime and being aware that these disgusting creatures are creeping about in your home at night looking for car keys, while you are sleeping upstairs doesn’t bear thinking about.

There’s a simple solution!

Replacing your current door lock with Anti Snaps locks will make life much more difficult for these horrible individuals. Anti Snap Euro Locks will stop them snapping your current door lock and getting into your home. If we are asked to do a door lock change we will always fit Anti Snap locks as standard. Not a huge cost compared to the stress of having your home violated.