uPVC Window Handles and Mechanisms

upvc window handles

uPVC Window Lock Repairs

We repair and replace most types of uPVC Window Handles and Mechanisms. If your window is jammed or you cannot turn the handle to unlock the window we can generally use airbags and other methods to get your window open and fix the problem without any damage to the window.

Tilt and Turn Door and Window Mechanisms and Handles

We are seeing more and more of these older type Tilt and Turn windows and Tilt and Side Upvc doors with broken handles and mechanisms. Older parts for these Tilt and Turn doors and windows have been difficult to source, but recently suppliers are now manufacturing replacement door and window mechanisms for this upvc door. We therefore can repair and replace the Tilt and Turn mechanisms and handles. We have these parts in stock available to fit the same day you call.

Standard uPVC window handles

Broken UPVC window handle

Most of the uPVC window lock repairs we get are for standard window handles. The vast majority of broken window handles are in the bathroom which is the most used room in the house for uPVC windows that get open and shut several times a day. The locking mechanism inside the window handle is quite flimsy and can break quite easily leaving the homeowner unable to open their window. This is an easy fix for Pentland Locksmiths. We will get the handle open and replace it with a new uPVC window handle in the White, Gold, or Silver whichever ever finish the the customer requires.