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Pentland Locksmiths is a local family-run locksmith service and not a franchise or national locksmith company. What that means is that you can be reassured that we are a genuine local locksmith service in Danderhall and have been for over 15 years. We only charge local fixed prices and not by the hour and there is no call-out charge or VAT.  When you can Chris from Pentland Locksmiths Services you will know that you are speaking to your genuine local locksmith and not a Call Centre or someone pretending to be local. Always remember to ask for Chris when you call.

Danderhall Locksmiths Near Me

The village of Danderhall comprises a substantial number of council houses, many of which have been acquired by private owners along the years. Historically, Danderhall served as a mining community, providing workforce for the adjacent coal mines of Edmonstone (to the northwest), Sheriffhall (to the southeast), Woolmet (to the east), and Monktonhall further beyond. Among these mines, Monktonhall was the final one to operate, ceasing operations permanently in 1998. 

Danderhall encompasses over 1,200 houses alongside a few retail establishments.


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Shawfair Locksmiths

Shawfair, a contemporary project taking shape in Midlothian, Scotland, is a dynamic development designed for the 21st century. With a primary focus on residential spaces, it is currently under construction near the charming village of Danderhall and the adjacent hamlets of Newton Village and Millerhill. This promising endeavor is situated just beyond the eastern border of Edinburgh, offering a convenient location for its future residents. The development is set to transform the grounds of the former Monktonhall Colliery into a modern community. The name “Shawfair” draws inspiration from a nearby farmstead, lending a touch of local heritage to this visionary project.

Shawfair development. Pic: Comp

Commercial Locksmith Fort Kinnard

With a large amount of commercial businesses situated beside Danderhall at the Fort Kinnard shopping centre. Pentland Locksmiths offer a number of commercial locksmith services to these large businesses while also servicing the small family run businesses in the local surrounding area. 

Locksmith Near Me in Danderhall, Midlothian

At Pentland Locksmiths, we prioritise the security of your property in Danderhall, Shawfair or the surrounding areas. We understand the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is safe, whether you’re at work, visiting friends, or on holiday. Our expert locksmiths are always available to address any issues with your locks, ensuring you don’t return to a horrible situation.

However, when a problem arises with your locks, it is essential that you can contact a local Danderhall locksmith and get the problem solved. As specialists in all manner of locksmith services including lock repair, replacement, we make sure you are never stuck for a solution when you have a problem with your locks.

Locksmith Services Danderhall & Shawfair

Door Lock Repair

When the lock on your UPVC, french or conservatory door is broken, either by your own actions or that of an intruder, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. We can take a look at the lock, remove the problem part(s), and replace the lock with a more modern, secure mechanism. This gives you peace of mind that your locks are strong and secure once again, and you have nothing to worry about when it comes to getting access to your home again.

Window Lock Repair

Windows that will not properly lock are both a security hazard and can be problematic during the winter. If you want to make sure your home is both secure and that you are not allowing excess energy to escape through unlocked windows, let us provide window lock repair in Danderhall. We can take a look at the windows, find the cause of the locking issue, and solve it for you as soon as possible. This ensures that your windows can properly lock themselves again, offering total peace of mind.

Garage Security

Garage security is vital, helping you to know that all of your essential storage and tools are kept safe. We can make sure your garage is safely shut and secured, and we can also make sure that your garage security is improved.
Contact us today to discuss what can be done in terms of garage security. Sometimes, this might simply be repairing current security measures, or it might involve fitting a new garage system entirely.

Commercial Business Locksmith

If you run a business in Danderhall, Shawfair, Newton Village & Millerhill, then you need a local commercial locksmith that you can trust. We have provided commercial premises with assistance with their locks for years. Whether you need a security appraisal, you have suffered a break-in attempt, or you wish to improve on the security systems in place, we can provide those services. Contact us as your commercial locksmith, and we can make sure that you can get the locks adjusted, changed, and improve with a fraction of the stress.

New Build Lock Replacement

When a new build property is built in Shawfair, you should look to have the locks changed from the default as soon as possible. We can provide with equal or better standard locking mechanisms that fit in perfectly with a modern property built in the Midlothian area. You should definitely look to change your new build locks as soon as possible. Make your home feel truly your own with new locks that you know fit the expected modern standard.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Being stuck outside of your home, especially in the typical Danderhall Midlothian winter, can be an absolute nightmare. Pentland Locksmith Services can help you to avoid such a serious situation, providing you with numerous emergency locksmith services that can make sure you are not stuck outside waiting for too long.

Tam Fullerton

Great service from Chris at Pentland Locksmiths. Moved into my new house in Danderhall and needed my locks changed.

Phoned Chris and he came within the hour and changed both locks. Highly recommended.

Robert Gillies

After a worrying crack when locking my door, called Pentland Locksmiths who attended within 2 hours.

No fuss, no hassle, located problem, replaced springs and lock as good as new.
Second time I’ve used Chris – superb service

Kenny Mcdonald

Very professional and reliable at a reasonable cost. Delighted with the lock on my greenhouse. Chris was polite and meticulous and even swept away wood shavings etc.

I would happily recommend Pentland Locksmith Services. Good communication from start to finish.

Jake Woodward

I needed new locks on a front door and French doors. Pentland locksmith managed to come same day (within 15 mins of phoning) and installed both no problem, very quickly and at a very reasonable price.

Very happy and would easily use their services again in the future.

Mortice Lock 

Mortice locks are designed to fit inside a pocket of the door to ensure that it is safe and secure. Over time, these locks can become weakened with wear and tear and thus need replaced. 


Bolts are classics in the locking industry, but they can become weakened over time and continuous use. Let us make sure your bolts stay locked. 

Night Latches

Night latches provide much-needed peace of mind, but like other lock types will become subject to wear and tear as time goes on. 


Deadlocks can become broken or forced shut through a variety of factors, and can require a professional to open them once this happens. 

Multipoint / Lever 

These locks, as the name implies, lock at various parts across the frame of the door or window. This adds extra depth, strength, and security.


Padlocks are a very common form of locking sheds and bikes in Danderhall, but it is surprisingly easy to find that a padlock is broken and will not open regardless of what you do. 

Cylinder Lock 

Cylinder euro BS3621 locks are very secure and sturdy, but they can become in need of repair or replacement through the years of usage. Anti snap lock.

Out Door Key Safe

These key safes can become a great way to store your keys outside of your home, but if it becomes locked or unresponsive you need a professional to fix the issue. 

We supply and fit Anti-Snap Euro Locks as standard when a customer requires a door lock change. If you are moving into a new home you should always consider changing the door locks. We have all sizes of UPVC and Composite door locks in stock and ready to fit the same day as your call. Give Chris from Pentland Locksmiths a call for further information.

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