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First Line of Defense

Most homeowners don’t think about their external boundary as their first line of defense against a break-in. However, most new-build homes we visit do not have any type of Gate locks or bolts fitted. 

Fitting a secure gate lock makes it that much harder for thieves to enter your back garden and then get access to your back doors. We highly recommend fitting a good secure gate lock along with some other useful ideas to prevent access to your garden.

You can also put in plants that discourage tresspassers jumping over your fence. Make it difficult for anyone trying to get access to your home. And finally, do not leave garden tools lying around that could be used to open doors and Windowss

Fixing New Build Composite Door Locks in The Chilly Month of March

Thankfully things have quietened down a little and we are back to our normal bread-and-butter jobs of fixing New Build composite door locks and uPVC door locks. The Cold start to the month has led to several locking systems freezing and subsequently then breaking.

These are jobs we specialise in and do every day. We always carry most parts for all newly built composite doors and uPVC doors and we generally complete all work on the first visit.

Over the years we have learned to carry what’s required to cover the vast majority of door locks fitted across the towns of Midlothian.

uPVC composite door locks in dalkeith

The Weekend Offender

So last monday we had a relative mundane start to the day with a few pre booked lock repair jobs. By 11am it become apparent that there had been a whole lot of break-in activity around Woodburn and Kippielaw areas of Dalkeith. We attended 2 lock snapping break-ins to replace snapped Standard Euro Locks and Handles. We always fit Anti-snap locks to prevent the homeowner getting a breakin again. One week later and off we go again as there has been a couple of lock snapping break-ins around Gorebridge Midlothian. There doesn’t seem to be much letup on these incidents that have been ongoing since March 2023. Unfortunatley these individuals are learning how to do this on platforms like You Tube and even locksmiths who show them how to snap locks to make money. Absolutely rediculous!

lock snapping break-in

Not So Festive For Some Homeowners

The run-up to Christmas is normally quite chaotic for Pentland Locksmiths as we deal with the crazy shoppers who invariably lock themselves out due to being in such a rush all the time. Also, the weather can play havoc if we have some really cold temperatures then it’s a certainty we will have to deal with several jobs where doors have just jammed and locked the owners out.

However, sadly this turned out to be a very unpleasant time for some homeowners who while out enjoying themselves over Christmas & New Year lock-snapping car thieves were breaking into their homes. What should have been a relatively normal festive period for Pentland Locksmiths turned out to be the busiest in our 17-year existence.

To attend lock-snapping break-ins on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day was a real eye-opener. Normally we would be closed on these days but with these jobs being local to us in Bonnyrigg, Dalkeith, and Loanhead I felt it necessary to go out and assist the upset homeowners. No point telling them to go elsewhere when they are looking at their local locksmith business for support.

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The Freezing Weather Affects uPVC and Composite Door Locks

Well the winter weather is now well and truly upon us. Some of the lowest temperatures in years is causing damage to uPVC and New Build Composite Door locks and can be significant. 

The freezing outside temperatures can affect the internal parts on a 5 Point locking system causing it to jam up overnight and homewoners unable to open their doors in the morning and unable to go to work. Its difficult to avoid especially if you live near Gorebridge or Pathhead where outside temperatures can be lower than in Dalkeith or Bonnyrigg. Unfortunately there is very little you can do about as most uPVC door locks just break spontaneously. If you have a lock issue in Winter give Chris from Pentland Locksmiths a call and he will fix your lock same day. 0131 663 8003.


upvc patio french door lock repairs

Sadly there has been very little good news in 2023 for homeowners who are continually hearing about another home broken into with the lock snapped and car stolen.  Most break-ins have occurred around newly built estates in Dalkeith, Newtongrange, Rosewell, and Straiton where high-value cars are plenty. 

The problem seems to stem from the poor quality euro lock cylinders and aluminium handles fitted to the rear uPVC Patio French DoorsThey just snap the bottom of the handle which gived them access to the standard Euro Cylinder lock. They then snap the lock as well and open the door. All done very quickly and with little or no noise. 

So unfortunately, the only way to prevent the homeowner from becoming a target fro these thieves is to first check if your locks are snap resistant locks and if not have them change to good Anti-snap cylinders. There are various types of Anti Snap locks ranging from cheaper Snap resistant cylinders to TS007 3 Star locks. Pentland Locksmiths Supplies and fits both of these type of locks to whatever the homeowner requires. Recently we have been fitting these High Security 3 Star Caveo locks to new build homes at Straiton Loanhead. These are top of the range locks and we think the best locks currently on the market. 

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3 Star Caveo Cylinder Locks