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Sadly there has been very little good news in 2023 for homeowners who are continually hearing about another home broken into with the lock snapped and car stolen.  Most break-ins have occurred around newly built estates in Dalkeith, Newtongrange, Rosewell, and Straiton where high-value cars are plenty. 

The problem seems to stem from the poor quality euro lock cylinders and aluminium handles fitted to the rear uPVC Patio French DoorsThey just snap the bottom of the handle which gived them access to the standard Euro Cylinder lock. They then snap the lock as well and open the door. All done very quickly and with little or no noise. 

So unfortunately, the only way to prevent the homeowner from becoming a target fro these thieves is to first check if your locks are snap resistant locks and if not have them change to good Anti-snap cylinders. There are various types of Anti Snap locks ranging from cheaper Snap resistant cylinders to TS007 3 Star locks. Pentland Locksmiths Supplies and fits both of these type of locks to whatever the homeowner requires. Recently we have been fitting these High Security 3 Star Caveo locks to new build homes at Straiton Loanhead. These are top of the range locks and we think the best locks currently on the market. 

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3 Star Caveo Cylinder Locks