Midlothian Locksmith Celebrates 15 Years Fixing Door Locks

Midlothian Locksmith celebrates 15 years fixing locks

Midlothian locksmith celebrates 15 years fixing door locks. 15 Years is a long time for a local family-run locksmith service to operate in Midlothian. Times are changing and there have been many difficult challenges over the last few years that can threaten a genuine local locksmith business.

We all have to adapt to these challenges and face them head-on.

We all have to move with the times with the digital world overtaken the old routines with new technology that even the most tech-savvy, finds it difficult to keep up. Small local locksmith businesses have to bite the bullet and either endorse new techniques or do as the big companies do, and pay large sums of money to specialist companies that will do the work for you.

These are all big changes and the changes we enjoy adopting as it helps us give the best possible service to our huge customer base in Midlothian. It’s not all about new technology, it’s simply over the last 15 years, most of the good people of Midlothian have gotten to know us. They tell their friends and family about Pentland Locksmiths and ultimately spread the word that there is a genuine local family-run locksmith service in Bonnyrigg Midlothian that is Friendly, Reliable, and always very affordable. No amount of money can pay for that.

It’s something a National and Franchise Company could only dream off.

Towns we cover

So as your local family-run locksmith service over the last 15 years, Chris has fixed the door locks in all the towns in Midlothian. We have become the No.1 Upvc door fixing company in all the Midlothian towns listed below. When our customers say “It’s the best the door has worked since we go it“, then we know we are doing something right.








So after serving the good people of Midlothian and specifically our hometown of Bonnyrigg for so long, the question everyone is wondering is, will Pentland Locksmiths Services be around for another 15 Years?

Who knows what the future will bring. I may decide in a year’s time and do what most of my friends have done and retire at 55.

Life is too short it needs to be enjoyed and I have a beautiful Whippet who needs more time on the beach.