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Local Locksmith Serving Midlothian and East Lothian Areas

For anyone living within the Midlothian and East Lothian areas, security is paramount. When you wish to make sure your property is properly protected, you can use the assistance of Pentland Locksmiths. We are a family-owned local business that has served the Midlothian & East Lothian towns for over 15 years now. 

We are immensely proud of the job we do and the connection we have with our local community. Our locksmith services have grown and expanded along with the industry itself, meaning we can solve locking issues for both new and old-style builds. Whatever issue you are facing, from an emergency lockout and/or damage in a break-in attempt to commercial property, contact us today on 0131 663 8003 or 07990776519 to discuss your needs. You will always speak to your local trusted locksmith Chris. 

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 Locksmith Near Me in Midlothian

The Midlothian area is a large region, but we are more than capable of helping you out regardless of where you might be based within the area. For a local locksmith with expertise in dealing with the building types and styles across the region, contact us today. We can help you to understand what you are dealing with, what the best solution will be, and how you can get complete peace of mind about the security and safety of your premises. Some of the towns in Midlothian we cover include:

Dalkeith Locksmith

We provide Dalkeith locksmith services for a variety of reasons, but we mostly handle door lock repairs and lockouts within the town. We also assist with new build door locks, as Dalkeith, Woodburn and Eskbank is home to residential housing as well as the commercial opportunities here mean many businesses, new and old, want to help keep their investment and enterprise safer.


Gorebridge Locksmith

Pentland Locksmith Services come across many properties in Gorebridge with people having been locked out. As a Gorebridge, Birkenside, Arniston and Borthwich locksmith, we spend time here unlocking and repairing properties. We also provide many new door lock systems including Yale to help those who were locked out get easier access to their property, whilst keeping unwanted guests out the house..


Newtongrange Locksmith

We are proud to serve as a local locksmith in the mining village of Newtongrange Midlothian, providing our lock services for various reasons including UPVC door repair, garage security and survey. Newtongrange is home to many new builds and old school council housing and thus requires many changes to locking mechanisms and systems for properties.


Loandhead Locksmith

We provide our services across many parts of Midlothian, including Loanhead, Straiton and Bilston. As a Loanhead locksmith, we make sure that our commercial clients based at Straiton and the High Street are being provided with expert, timely service. We are always improving on dated locking mechanisms for UPVC windows and french pation doors, helping to modernise properties in this smaller town.


Bonnyrigg Locksmith

Bonnyrigg is our hometown so we do spend a lot of time in, helping people to upgrade and improve on their current house locking systems. Serving Lasswade, Rosewell, Roslin, Polton homeowners and business owners wish to improve their lot by getting new and improved Yale locks. We provide this service on a regular basis, upgrading and restoring locking mechanisms where needed.


Pathhead Locksmith

Away in the country, sadly, we have found that Pathhead is home to many scammers who provide substandard services in locksmithing. We look to provide a friendly, fair, and honest service that provides our clients in the region with locks they can stand behind and trust to keep them safe and secure. We also spend much time repairing locks which are damaged by the unkind weather in this part of Midlothian.


Penicuik Locksmith

We offer some services as a Penicuik locksmith, but we mostly find ourselves focused on window and door repairs. Whether through wear and tear, break-in attempts, or the weather, we look to make sure that properties in Penicuik, Howgate, Leadburn, and Auchendinny can enjoy peace of mind when it comes to protection from unwanted visitors.


Danderhall Locksmith

Danderhall is a growing town within Midlothian due to connect soon with Shawfair, Newton Village, Millar Hill and Newcraighall that we spend a lot of time in, helping locals make sure they have the most modern window and door locking system they could have. Commercial locksmith at Fort Kinnard Park near Danderhall.


Edinburgh Locksmith Near Me

While we tend to carry out most of our jobs in Dalkeith area we can travel to Edinburgh on request. Including places like Balerno, Currie, Blackford, Craigentinny, Corstorphine and Gorgie. In Edinburgh we deal with residential homes, businesses like pubs and clubs and Air BnB / holiday property rental owners.

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 Locksmith Near Me in East Lothian

However, we also operate as an East Lothian locksmith of some repute. It just takes us slightly longer to reach you than it does our home town of Bonnyrigg. We work across most towns in this part of Scotland, making sure they can get timely and professional locksmith support. Some of the towns we cover in East Lothian include: 

Musselburgh Locksmith

If you live in Musselburgh, the heady mixture of sea air and saltwater can lead to surprising and varied problems with your locking system. We can help you to fix this problem by providing cheap timely support and assistance in solving these locks. From saltwater that gets into the locks to locks jamming or eroding, we can make sure the locks are fixed and repaired ASAP.


Tranent Locksmith

Tranent is a common stop for us, as many older council homeowners and business owners look to replace their older locks with something new. From window lock repairs to fixing locks in older doors, or upgrading older locks, we spend a lot of time here solving various security issues with the properties here. Given the more old-school nature of this town, this is no surprise to us.


Dunbar Locksmith

Dunbar is home to many growing commercial businesses, new build homes and also classic old homes. We spend much of our time here upgrading locking mechanisms for either newbuild commercial venues or older properties. Keeping locks secure and safe from the elements, too, ensuring they last as long as they should, is a common part of our time spent as a Dunbar locksmith.


Haddington Locksmith

If you have an issues with your locks on the doors or windows don’t hesitate to call Pentland Locksmiths who serve as your local Haddington and North Berwick locksmith. We provide support for improving and strengthening the locks of each property we work on, upgrading older systems and solving problems such as wear and tear caused by the environment.


Port Seton Locksmiths

Port Seton and Prestonpans has a strong history as a mining town, but today many parts of this town are somewhat dated due to their age of construction. This means that many older, opulent properties need to have their locks replaced and upgraded. We therefore spend time as a Longniddry locksmith upgrading older properties to ensure they have modern security.


Prestonpans Locksmiths

Prestonpans has a strong history as a coastal town along the same East coast route of Musselburgh and Port Seton. It’s a town like Cockenzie that relied heavily on the former Power Station and the coal mines that helped the community with the fuel the power station required. With the Power Station now gone the regeneration of the town is made up of hundreds of New Build Homes.


Wallyford Locksmith

If you have any issues with your locks on the doors or windows don’t hesitate to call Pentland Locksmiths who serve as your local Wallyford and Whitecraig locksmith. We provide support for improving and strengthening the locks of each property we work on, upgrading older systems and solving problems such as wear and tear caused by the environment.


Pencaitland Locksmith

If you have any issue with your locks on the doors or windows don’t hesitate to call Pentland Locksmiths who serve as your local Pencaitland and Pathhead locksmith. We provide support for improving and strengthening the locks of each property we work on, upgrading older systems, and solving problems such as wear and tear caused by the environment.



Other Areas Served in East Lothian

While we have covered all the main areas found in East Lothian some areas close to Pentland Locksmiths include: Humbie, Pencaitland, Macmerry, Aberlady, Gullane, Direlton, Whitekirk, East Fortune, Bolton, Gifford and many more smaller more reclusive areas in East Lothian.



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Professional Locksmith Services

As a locksmith in Midlothian and East Lothian, we provide a full scope of call out locksmith services at affordable costs that make a difference. Always helping customers enter their houses again with minimal repair required. The main services that we tend to provide our residential and business clients with, though, include: 

Emergency Locksmith Services

There is nothing worse than being stuck on a frozen evening with your locks not working. Whether you have jammed your doors coming home from a night out or your locks appear to have seized overnight, we can solve the problem for you. Please note we are not a 24/7 late night emergency locksmith. However, we are open 7 days a week including Sundays. See opening hours. 

From getting you back into your home or safe in an emergency to making sure you can leave again safely, we have plenty of fixes to just about any locking issue, conventional or otherwise.

Door Key Lock Repair

Sadly, many parts of Midlothian and East Lothian can be victims to either aged locks and/or unique weather jamming gate locks. This can lead to problems with your locks that can see them jam, snap, break, or simply fail to work entirely. When that happens, you need someone who is a specialist in door lock repair and replacement.

Types of Common Locks We Deal With:

  • Mortice Lock (5 Lever / Point Door Lock, Latch, With Thumb Turn, BS3621)
  • Night Latch (British Standard, High Security, Front Door, Bathroom Latch)
  • Multipoint Door Locks (2, 3 and 5 Point Levers Locking Systems)
  • Bolts (Heavy Duty, Garage and Gate Security)
  • Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Locks
  • Dead Locks & Padlocks
  • Keysafes Supra

Contact us on 0131 663 8003 for a local solution who can arrive quickly to deliver advice, information, and insight into getting those doors opening and closing properly once again. 

Window Lock Repair

Windows are a vital commodity for any home or business. They play a key role in ventilation, and also in keeping heat trapped in during those infamous Scottish winters. If your sash, upvc or casement double glazed windows will not lock, it is a hazard to both your health and your security. We can quickly diagnose the issue with either the handle, hinge or locks and put in place a simple, easy solution that will have your windows being entirely safe to use once again.

Issues Commonly Found With Window Mechanisms:

  • UPVC Window will not open or is jamming
  • Broken lock that needs repaired
  • Broken handle
  • Broken hinge
  • Broken latch

For help in keeping your windows safe, secure, and operational, contact Pentland Locksmith Services today for any form of window lock repair you might need. 

Garage Security

Our garage security and locksmith services are vital for any property owner across the Lothians and Fife who has a garage. Keeping the garage doors properly bolted, sealed, and closed is essential to property security. Let us help you make sure that your garage has a modern, operational form that keeps it safe and secure. We can provide expert advice on the best garage locks and door defenders for your garage. Having an extra lock by a trusted brand link Henderson, Hormann or Yale is a great way to bolster security along with the defender. 

Stop worrying about your cars, tools, and key items stored in your garage. We all see the Facebook updates every week about another hard working persons property stolen. Keep them even safer with a modern garage security appraisal that helps to keep everything inside safe and sound. 

Commercial Locksmith

Are you running a business in Midlothian or East Lothian? Then you should do everything that you can to keep it safe. We can provide numerous forms of commercial locksmith assistance. Whether it comes down to preparing your commercial property with new locks or repairing locks after a break-in attempt, we have numerous solutions that you can look to for support.

Do not allow your business to be put at needless risk when it comes to security and safety. Let us help you solve the problem by delivering a professional commercial locksmith service that can keep your business safe from wear and tear, break-ins, and more. 

Locks by brands you know and can trust!

Yale Locks

Assa Abloy

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Midlothian Towns Served: 
Dalkeith, Bonnyrigg, Penicuik Locksmith, Gorebridge, Loanhead , Newtongrange, Roslin locksmith, Pathhead, Lasswade , Danderhall, Bilston locksmith, Auchendinny locksmith, Rosewell locksmith, Polton locksmith, Eskbank locksmith, Newbattle, Gowkshill locksmith, Mayfield locksmith, Carrington locksmith, North Middleton locksmith, Temple locksmith, Crichton locksmith, Borthwick locksmith, Fala locksmith, Tynehead locksmith, Edgehead locksmith, Howgate locksmith, Silverburn, Milton Bridge locksmith, Glencorse locksmith, Bilston, Arniston



East Lothian Towns Served: 
Haddington locksmith, Dunbar locksmith, North Berwick locksmith, Musselburgh, Tranent, Prestonpans locksmith, Port Seton, Longniddry locksmith, Gullane locksmith, Aberlady , East Linton, Cockenzie, Ormiston, Macmerry, Humbie locksmith, Garvald, Innerwick locksmith, Traprain, West Barns locksmith, Athelstaneford, Gullane locksmith, Innerwick, Spott locksmith, East & West Saltoun locksmith, Markle, Tyninghame, Whitekirk, Stenton, Garvald, Athelstaneford, Kingston, Samuelston, Innerwick, Oldhamstocks, Preston , Ballencrieff, Gifford locksmith, Elphinstone locksmith