Locks for the Elderly and their Carers

Give your carers easy access.

Door Locks for Carers. Pentland Locksmiths Services have a wide range of locks and Push Button external wall key safes that will allow relatives and carers who look after relatives to access their homes easily day to day and in an emergency if required. We can upgrade existing door locks to Euro Locks with a Thumbturn on this inside or fit external Wall Keysafes that can hold up to 6 keys.

Access to a relative’s home is critical and allowing emergency services to have a Police Rated key safe to acquire a key and gain access in the event of an emergency can be a real lifesaver. It’s vitally important that Carers and relatives have easy access at all times when caring for the elderly and infirm.

Euro Thumbturn Door Locks

A question we at Pentland Locksmiths get a lot from our Midlothian customers is how we prevent an elderly relative from leaving keys in the back of the door.

This answer is quite simple!

We remove the existing lock from a uPVC door or Wooden door and replace it with a Thumbturn on the inside. See the photo opposite.

Upgrade Existing Locks To Thumbturn Locks

On some occasions, we have to do a complete overhaul of the existing locks and replace them with a new Euro Lock Setup. This is a simple process and can be achieved on all wooden doors. The photo above is a job we did recently for a homeowner who required easy access to carers who cared for his parent who suffers from Dementia. We removed the old-style Chubb Mortice Deadlock and replaced it with a Euro Style Deadlock and Thumbturn barrel lock. The job took less than an hour and was at an affordable price. We also supplied 10 keys with the new lock.

The photos below is a job we did for a customer who has a Holiday Cottage and needed to change the old existing brass mortice lock and handles to a more modern Euro setup with a brass Thumbturn lock. This is done so the cottage complies with Insurance standards. These locks can be used on wooden doors were carers or relatives require access to a patient with Dementia or other disabilities.

Old brass mortice sashlock converted to Euro Lock setup with Brass Thumbbturn