Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Locks

Lock Snapping and how to prevent it.

Anti-Snap Euro Locks. Sadly, lock Snapping has become a reality around the towns of Bonnyrigg, Dalkeith, Gorebridge, and Newtongrange in recent times, with a number of break-ins and car thefts reported. However, there is a simple solution that will help prevent the threat of lock snapping. Fitting Anti Snap locks is a good deterrent and will stop the thieves from stealing your car keys.

The Scourge of Lock Snapping

This is an example of lock snapping at home in Midlothian. The lowlife perpetrators used tools to bash the euro lock until it snapped. They have no care and will rip the handles off the door if it gives them better access to snap the lock.

Once the lock is snapped at its weak point they can turn the lock and open the door. It can all be done in a few minutes with little noise.

They also know which locks are snap resistant and which ones are just standard locks.

Prevention is the Key

So how do we prevent thieves from using this method to get into your home and steal your car keys? Well, the answer is simple, you need to first check if you have snap-resistant locks already fitted on all your external doors, if not Chris at Pentland Locksmiths Services can fit new cylinders that will prevent lock snapping. We fit these locks as standard when we do all lock changes. If you require 3 star TS007 British Standard Kitemarked locks then we can measure your existing locks and order them for you.