Digital Push Button Door Locks

push button digital keyless entry door locks

Digital Push Button Locks. We supply and fit Digital Push Button door locks to most commercial timber doors both internally and externally. These locks are good for keyless entry to allow staff members to access their office or premises without the need for a key. Digital Locks can be set to the customer’s specific code. 

These locks can be fitted above orginal door locks as edxtra security or to become the main method of easy entry. We supply and fit various types of Push Button keyless locks to whatever our customer requires. See below for various types and uses of digital locks.

Heavy Duty Digital Push Button Locks

A commercial property or office that has a high number of individuals using the same door each day requires a Heavy-duty Digital door lock. These are robust enough to deal with the rigors of use by a large number of people.

The Simplex Unican Door lock featured is currently fitted to a Caddy room at Newbattle Golf Club in Dalkeith. The Golf club has 1000 members and all have access to this room. Low-cost digital locks could not cope with this level of traffic and would break under pressure.

Medium Duty Digital Push Button Locks

Medium use digital push button locks are excellent for commercial premises and offices up to 30 people, They are still very robust and easy to use for access to internal doors or cupboards. The Code Locks Diggital lock featured is currently fitted to an internal door at Vets4Pets and Fort Kinnaird retail park in Edinburgh. They have between 10/20 staff members so ideal for their requirements.