French Patio Door Locksmith

Patio Door Lock Repairs

Patio French Door lock Repairs. We fix all types of upvc french door locking systems when they are jammed and the homeowner is unable to open their door. We do not damage the jammed upvc french door.

We Can Fix Any Patio French Door Lock

We specialise in the repair of all types of Patio French Door Locking Systems. All upvc door locks, double glazing locks, and new build composite locks fixed the same day as call.

We carry the largest stock of locks in our van and more than any other Midlothian Locksmith. If you can’t get your Patio door open then give us a call we use special non-destructive methods to open uPVC patio French door and sliding patio doors that are broken.

Tilt and slide upvc door handles
upvc French door lock repair

Trusted Patio Lock Brands We Stock

Siegania patio door locking systems
Locksmaster door locks
Fullex door locks
Roto patio door locking system

UPVC Patio Door Lock Repairs our Speciality

Chris from Pentland Locksmiths can fix pretty much any type of Sliding patio door lock and UPVC French Door locking systems. If they are jammed and the homeowner is unable to open the door we use various non-destructive methods of opening the door. As illustrated by the photos below we use Air Bags to spread the door, so we can access the locking system without any damage to the door. Fixing UPVC French door locks is pretty much what we do all the time. It’s not all about people locked out there home although we do that as well.

We use Air Bags to open jammed UPVC French Door Locking systems.

We replace ERA upvc French Door Gearbox Locking units.

We replaced a Tilt and Turn UPVC Patio Door Handle in Bonnyrigg.

We fix most older types of Sliding Patio door locks if the parts are still available.

Not able to close your Patio French Door?

Are you having difficulty locking your uPVC French doors or sliding patio door? We fix all types of uPVC french door locks and older style patio locks. We can also re-align your door to make it easier to lock.

We also fit New Hinges to UPVC French Doors

If your UPVC French door hinge looks like the one in the photo then give Chris a call from Pentland Locksmiths as we may be able to fit nice new Hinges like the ones featured. Cheaper than a new Conservatory.

Broken UPVC French door hinges before removal


New Brass Hinges fitted to French doors in Eskbank Dalkeith