Locksmith Gorebridge

Locksmith Gorebridge

In the heart of Gorebridge, Midlothian, Chris, the locksmith at Pentland Locksmiths, is dedicated to providing a dependable and expert lock repair service to our valued clients. We specialise in the repair and maintenance of various UPVC door locks, ensuring a quick response to lockout situations and seamless door lock replacements. It’s our strong recommendation to consider upgrading your standard UPVC door locks to advanced Anti-Snap Locks as a proactive measure against the increasing threat of lock snapping in the area.  Should you require assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0131 663 8003.

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Carrington Locksmith 

Looking for a locksmith near me in Carrington, Midlothian? Chris from Pentland Locksmiths is committed to delivering a warm, reliable, and expert lock repair service for our valued clients. We specialise in repairing and maintaining a variety of UPVC door locks, ensuring swift resolution of lockout emergencies and seamless replacements of door locks. We strongly advise upgrading your standard UPVC door locks to Anti-Snap Locks as a proactive measure against the growing threat of lock snapping. Your security and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we are here to ensure the safety and protection of your residential or commercial properties. For assistance, please contact us at 0131 663 8003.

Temple Locksmith

In Temple, Midlothian, Chris, the experienced locksmith at Pentland Locksmiths, takes great pride in delivering a welcoming and dependable local locksmith service to our esteemed customers. Our dedication is to provide a professional approach to your lock repair requirements. We specialise in repairing a wide range of UPVC door locks, efficiently handle lockout situations, and seamlessly replace door locks. Significantly, we highly recommend upgrading your standard UPVC door locks to state-of-the-art Anti-Snap Locks as a pre-emptive measure against the increasingly prevalent threat of lock snapping. Ensuring your security and peace of mind remains our utmost priority, and we’re here to safeguard your home or business. For assistance, please contact us at 0131 663 8003.

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Danielle Penfold

I called Pentland Locksmiths after my patio door lock jammed in the cold weather. Chris was able to come out very quickly and fitted me with a temporary lock so I could keep using the door while my replacement lock was on order. Communication was great throughout the process and Chris was very friendly and professional. He also followed all the covid guidelines so I felt very comfortable having him working on my doors. I will absolutely use Pentland Locksmiths in the future and recommend them to anyone who needs a locksmith.

Michael Brockington

Great, quick service. Chris arrived a fraction earlier than expected; no mess left behind. Clearly knowledgeable on the fault, was able to fix my lock quickly without needing a new key

At Pentland Locksmiths, we understand the importance of keeping your property in Gorebridge safe. Confidence in the security of your home provides an essential peace of mind that we all need. Whether you are going to work, out shopping for a few hours, or even on holiday for a period of time, you want to know that your locks are designed to last.

However, when a problem arises with your locks, it is essential that you can contact a local Gorebridge locksmith and get the problem solved. As specialists in all manner of locksmith services including lock repair, replacement, we make sure you are never stuck for a solution when you have a problem with your locks.

Locksmith Services Gorebridge

Door Lock Repair

When the lock on your UPVC, french or conservatory door is broken, either by your own actions or that of an intruder, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. We can take a look at the lock, remove the problem part(s), and replace the lock with a more modern, secure mechanism. This gives you peace of mind that your locks are strong and secure once again, and you have nothing to worry about when it comes to getting access to your home again.


Window Lock Repair

Windows that will not properly lock are both a security hazard and can be problematic during the winter. If you want to make sure your home is both secure and that you are not allowing excess energy to escape through unlocked windows, let us provide window lock repair in Gorebridge. We can take a look at the windows, find the cause of the locking issue, and solve it for you as soon as possible. This ensures that your windows can properly lock themselves again, offering total peace of mind.


Garage Security

Garage security is vital, helping you to know that all of your essential storage and tools are kept safe. We can make sure your garage is safely shut and secured, and we can also make sure that your garage security in Gorebridge is improved.
Contact us today to discuss what can be done in terms of garage security. Sometimes, this might simply be repairing current security measures, or it might involve fitting a new garage system entirely.


Commercial Business Locksmith

If you run a business in Gorebridge, then you need a local commercial locksmith that you can trust. We have provided commercial premises with assistance with their locks for years. Whether you need a security appraisal, you have suffered a break-in attempt, or you wish to improve on the security systems in place, we can provide those services. Contact us as your commercial locksmith, and we can make sure that you can get the locks adjusted, changed, and improve with a fraction of the stress.


New Build Lock Replacement

When a new build property is built in Gorebridge, you should look to have the locks changed from the default as soon as possible. We can provide with equal or better standard locking mechanisms that fit in perfectly with a modern property built in the Midlothian area. You should definitely look to change your new build locks as soon as possible. Make your home feel truly your own with new locks that you know fit the expected modern standard.


Emergency Locksmith Services

Being stuck outside of your home, especially in the typical Gorebridge Midlothian winter, can be an absolute nightmare. Pentland Locksmith Services can help you to avoid such a serious situation, providing you with numerous emergency locksmith services that can make sure you are not stuck outside waiting for too long.

Door locks we've recently fixed and fitted in Gorebridge

Over the month of  March 2021, we have fixed lots of upvc and composite door locks due to various issues in Gorebridge. Most of your work was to open jammed upvc french doors and fit new 5 point door locking systems. However, we have been doing other types of locks including Cardale Garage Locks, Tilt and Turn Window Locks, Yale Locks, and also upgrading old mortice locks to BS3621 to comply with Insurance Standards. 

We replaced a broken ERA Gearbox lock on a new build composite door.

We fixed a jammed upvc Mila door lock

Cardale Garage Locks are common in Gorebridge.

We fixed a uPVC door lock in New Hunterfield, Gorebridge recently. It was one of the most common types of uPVC door locks. The homeowners could not lock their doors, so we fitted a new Safeware Gearbox unit and re-aligned the upvc door that was the initial cause of the problem. 

We always try to fix the initial cause of the broken lock. There is no point fitting new parts if we don’t fix the initial problem. The homeowner phoned unwittingly phoned a franchise company from down south who are listed in Gorebridge as local. They quoted 3 times what we charged just to look at the door.

Garage Door Locks.

There are many types of Garage door locks, but the most common type is Hormann garage locks and Cardale garage locks commonly found on all new build homes. We also fit Garador and Henderson garage locks that you find on older up and over garage doors. If you would like to upgrade your garage door security, then a Garage Defender will offer that additional security from thieves.

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