uPVC Lock Repairs Gorebridge

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As a local family run locksmith service, we rely in the support of the local community and our regular customers throughout Midlothian. The support over the years has been tremendous and this has been evident in the Midlothian town of Gorebridge.

As upvc door lock repair specialists we fix quite a lot of door locks in the town. Over the last few years like most other towns in Midlothian there has been a relentless amount of new build homes being built. Most of these new built homes are fitted with composite door locks and standard locking systems. The town of Gorebridge sits on the edge of the Scottish borders and invariably suffers from the worst weather elements that come up from the south. The cold weather can affect composite and upvc patio French doors badly, causing the locking systems to seize up and break.

New build composite door locks generally have lifespan of around 6 years from new and can break with no warning. This is very common in composite door locks fitted with the cheaper ERA locking systems. There is little homeowners can do to prevent their door locks breaking, because most new build homes continue to move and settle over the first 5 years thus putting pressure on door locks.

The town of Gorebridge also has a large number of sixties built homes that mostly have uPVC doors and windows. We can fix every type of upvc door lock from the older obsolete locking systems to more modern door locks recently fitted. We have a solution for every eventuality and will fix many door locks other locksmiths won’t touch.

Of all the Midlothian towns Gorebridge also has the largest number of homes with solid wooden doors. The local Gorebridge community just love their old solid doors with Yale locks and mortice locks. You just can’t beat a solid wooden door with a British standard mortice lock as its maain door security. These locks can last for decades and its not uncommon for Pentland Locksmiths to change CHUBB locks thats been in a door for 50 years. Thats what you call value for money!

Thankfully we have an abundance of uPVC and Composite door locks to keep us going every day whille we wait for the call that one of our customers telling us their mortice lock has finally given up the ghost.

We carry the largest stock of any locksmith in Midlothian and will usually fix you door lock at the first visit. If we come across an unusual or obolete lock we will always fit a temporary lock untilwe can source a replacement. There is no additional charge to our customers if we have to return for a second visit. This is why we as a local Gorebridge locksmith service has bult up a great repurtation with our local customers and the reason most of the lock repair jobs we get come from word of mouth.

If you have door lock issue in Gorebridge and would like me to take a look then just give me a call and just ask for Chris.