Garage Door Locks & Security

Garage Door Locks & Security. There are many types of garage door locks including Hormann, Garador, Henderson. We offer additional garage door locks, that will secure your Motorcycle and Mountain Bikes. Garage Defender by Sold Secure can offer ultimate security for your garage door. Alternatively, Enfield Garage Door Bolts offer a more discreet level of security, fitted to the back of your garage door, one on each side at the bottom of the door. Both these options offer a very good level of door security, that will deter thieves from breaking into your garage.

Hormann Garage Lock

Horman Garage Door Locks

Garador Garage Lock

Compton Door Lock

compton push lock

Henderson T Bar Lock

Henderson Garage t bar lock

Additional Garage Door Security

Garage Door Defender

Garage Door Defender.  The ultimate in garage door security is the Sold Secure Garage Defender is bolted into the concrete in front of your garage door. It’s fitted with a beast of a padlock and can be easily removed if and when you need access to your garage door. Fantastic lock if you want to protect your expensive, Motorcycles or Mountain Bikes.

Please be aware Garage Defenders cannot be fitted to Tarmac or garages with metal grates that run along in front of the garage door. It needs to be flat concrete! A better option is the Enfield Garage Bolts.

Enfield Garage Door Bolts

Two tough bolts and one secure Garage

Enfield Garage Bolts come supplied with 2 bolts and are fitted to each side of the garage door in the bottom left and right corners. The bolts are keyed alike and discreetly fitted at the back of the door. They offer a good deterrent against thieves trying to steal mountain bikes and motorcycles.

We supply and fit all types of Garador Garage door handles and barrel locks.  We also fit Enfield Garage door bolts for additional security and Garage Door Defenders.