Caring For The Community

Euro door lock for carers

As a family-run locksmith service, we feel it’s important for our business to offer services to carers who support the elderly. We offer a wide range of locks that assist carers and relatives to access properties and generally make life that little bit easier when they are caring for an elderly person with dementia or any other disability.

We will always try to solve an issue with a carer who requires specific access to a door on a daily basis and in the event of a medical emergency.

Supra c500 Police Rated Key safes

One of the main products we supply and fit is Supra C500 Wall Key safes. These are Police rated key safes that are bolted to an external wall and can hold a number of different types of keys. They are especially good in the event a relative or carer needs access to a property in the event of a medical emergency. All they require is permission to access the key safe with a 4-digit code and they will have access to the house very quickly. It can also be used by emergency services to access the home once they know the key safe code number.


Keys in the back of the door

A common request we get from carers and more so relatives are how to prevent the homeowner from leaving the keys in the back of the door and preventing anyone with a key from accessing the house.

Simple Solution

To prevent a relative from leaving the keys in the back of a uPVC  door lock, we can remove the existing lock and replace it with a Euro Thumbturn as illustrated in the picture above. If you have a timber door with a mortice lock we will remove the mortice lock and handles if required and change the whole lock setup to a Euro Style setup with a Thmbturn lock. This a quick and low cost solution to prevent keys being left in the back of the door.