1 Star Anti-Snap v 3 Star Anti-Snap Locks

3 Star Caveo Cylinder Locks

The tough choice between 1 Star Anti-Snap Locks versus 3 Star Locks is the dilemma every homeowner now has to make. But it doesn’t have to be this way, just follow the advice of your local locksmith and there is nothing to worry about.

“The last 12 months have been quite chaotic for Pentland Locksmith Services. It all began in March last year when a group of local car thieves went on a 2-week lock-snapping spree, targeting homes across Midlothian.

Just as we were about to leave for a 10-day trip to Austria, all hell broke loose, leaving us running around at the last minute trying to help homeowners who were concerned about their door locks being vulnerable to attacks from car thieves.

This is a blog post from last March that describes the chaos that ensued as I tried to get away for a well-deserved break: ‘March Lock Snapping Madness.’

Fast forward 12 months, and the lock snapping continued right through the summer and into the dark winter months. We have attended more break-ins in the last year than we have in the previous 17 years.

The Impact of Local WhatsApp and Facebook Groups

What has been noticeable over the last 12 months is the daily discussion about door locks and their ability to prevent lock snapping.

The WhatsApp and Facebook groups in the new-build housing estates have become a hotbed of scaremongering among residents.

There are prominent voices in these groups telling their neighbors that they must change their locks to 3-star diamond locks and that nothing else is good enough.

This, of course, is nonsensical because there are other 1-star and low-cost 3-star locks that will do the job just fine without the huge cost.

So which Anti-Snap lock?

Unfortunately, these loud voices seem to have a big impact on customers to the extent that they ‘do not’ want to listen to your advice about the range of locks on offer, and they just demand 3-star locks because someone in their WhatsApp group said so.

So, I’ve decided to show the difference between the new 1-Star Euro Locks and the equivalent 3-Star locks. You can make up your mind about the best 1-Star vs. 3-Star Euro Locks. Please see the photo above and determine which one is a 1-star and which one is a 3-star lock.

1 Star Anti-Snap Locks

The new generation 1-Star locks are quality British Standard TS007, and SBD tested, and (Kitemark) approved cylinders. The lock also has all-important anti-bump and anti-drill features.

This cylinder has a fire rating of 30–60 minutes and is qualified for protecting timber doors against EN 1634-1:2014 and A1:2018. Secured by Design, British Kitemarked TS007:2014 +A2:2018 1 Star Security, and British Standards BS EN1303:2015.

So, all in all, the new generation 1-Star Euro locks are a very good lock-snapping deterrent and a much more affordable option for homeowners.

3 Star Anti-Snap Locks

Well, low and behold, 3-Star locks are quality British Standard TS007, SBD tested, and (Kitemark) approved cylinders and pretty much have all the same features as the 1-Star lock.

This cylinder has a fire rating of 30–60 minutes and is qualified for protecting timber doors against EN 1634-1:2014 and A1:2018. Secured by Design, British Kitemarked TS007:2014 +A2:2018 3 Star Security and British Standards BS EN1303:2015.”

Of course, most homeowners who have researched locks on Google will have made up their minds and do not wish to take advice. The new generation 1 Star Kitemark TS007 rated Euro Anti-snap Locks will protect your door in the same way a standard 3 Star lock.


3 Star Caveo Locks

So if you prefer 3-Star locks instead of 1-star locks, we supply and fit Top-of-the-range Caveo Locks. They come with Coded Dimple Keys and a 5-year £2000 lock snapping guarantee. Click the Photo below for Further information.