Why changing your locks on your new home is important


Should I change the locks on my new home? 

Moving into a new home is an exciting milestone, but it’s important not to overlook essential security. With over 22,900 built-in Scotland last year, a large proportion of those have landed in Midlothian. One crucial step is replacing the locks in your new home. Although the property may come equipped with locks, there are several compelling reasons to consider changing them. In this locksmith article, we’ll explore why replacing locks in your newly built home is a wise decision that offers enhanced security, key control, and peace of mind.

Security in your home is a priority:

When it comes to the security of your belongings and loved ones, it’s crucial to have complete control over who can access your building. Even though the builders may have installed locks, it’s possible that copies of the keys were distributed to contractors, real estate agents, or previous owners. By replacing the locks, you eliminate any uncertainty about who possesses the keys. In return, you can ensure that only trusted individuals can enter your home with the new versions.

Key areas Pentland Locksmith provide new build locksmith services in Midlothian include:

Be in control of all the keys with access:

Replacing the locks allows you to establish key control from the beginning. It’s impossible to know how many copies of the keys to your new build home are circulating from contractors to estate agents. Replacing the locks ensures that you have a fresh start, enabling you to account for every key and determine who possesses them. This way, you can prevent unauthorised access and maintain a secure living environment for your family.

Pentland Locksmith Tip: Leave a copy of your house keys with a person you can trust close by. They can be a life saver when you accidentally lock yourself out. Alternatively, you could install a key safe box.

Ensure the best quality locks are used:

To reduce costs and maximise profits, some building companies (no comment on which ones) may install lower-quality locks during the construction process. By replacing them with a brand you can trust, you can choose locks that offer superior durability, resistance to picking, and enhanced anti snapping security features. Investing in higher-quality locks now ensures that your new-built home is well protected and provides you with greater peace of mind.

Some of the best quality lock brands in the United Kingdom include:

  • Yale
  • Baldwin
  • Kwikset
  • Assa Abloy

Personalise your locking system for your needs:

Replacing locks in your new home also presents an opportunity to adapt your security system to suit your needs. You can select locks that align with your preferred aesthetic and complement the overall design of your home. Moreover, advancements in technology offer a range of options, such as smart locks, which allow for convenient access control through your smartphone or even voice commands. Embracing these modern security solutions can enhance both the functionality and style of your home.

The most common personalisation of locks we are involved is installing locks for the elderly, disabled or their carers gaining access. These locks allow emergency access to the property at any time.

Give yourself peace of mind on that first night:

Moving into a new home can be a whirlwind of emotions. By taking the proactive step of replacing the door locks, you are ensuring the integrity of your home’s security. This measure gives you peace of mind knowing that you have done everything possible to protect your new living space and those who reside within it. It helps create a sense of comfort and security allowing you to fully enjoy your new-built home knowing no one has free access.

Key areas Pentlands provide new build locksmith services in East Lothian include:

Contact an experienced locksmith today to replace your locks! 

When moving into a new-built home, replacing the locks should be a priority. By doing so you enhance security, establish key control, and can choose higher quality locks. The act of replacing locks not only provides peace of mind but also offers the opportunity to personalise your security system according to your needs and preferences. We provide full locking solutions for domestic and commercial properties.

Remember to consult with a professional locksmith like Chris on 0131 663 8003 or 07990776519 to ensure that you choose the right locks. By taking this simple yet effective step you can start your new chapter with confidence and enjoy the comfort and security of your new home