The Scourge of Lock Snapping

What is Lock Snapping?

So following on from my previous Blog in March Titled “That Crazy Month of March”, I look at the problem that is causing so many homeowners sleepless nights at the moment.

Lock Snapping is the method used to gain access to homes and steal cars. However, its not a new phenomenon, it has been a big problem in certain parts of the Midlands and other parts of England for a number of years.

Unfortunately, as these methods of entry start to get highlighted in the media and on YouTube, thieves start to notice what methods are being used and then try for themselves how it works.

They learn their trade from You Tube videos which show how to pull the handles from the door first, before attempting to snap the Euro lock.

lock snapping

Over the last couple of years, its become apparent that specific car thieves are using this method to access homes and steal car keys.

They seem to know which Double Patio Door locks on the new build homes have standard locks and which don’t. The one’s that are fitted with Anti-Snap locks or 3 Star Anti-Snap TS007 locks generally will not touch.

So what is lock snapping and what do we do about it?

Lock snapping is a technique where a burglar applies force to the cylinder of a lock. This will cause it to snap and break in two, allowing them to gain entry to the property.

Anti-snap locks are designed to withstand this type of attack by incorporating additional features.

These features are reinforced bars, sacrificial sections, and hardened materials to make them more resistant to snapping.

What type of Locks can I fit?

The TS007 3-star lock rating (see photo above) is a standard developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI). To assess the effectiveness of locks in resisting various forms of attack, including lock snapping.

3-star rating has undergone rigorous testing and is considered to be among the most secure locks available.

See the photo below of a recent job we did at Gorebridge Midlothian that suffered a lock-snapping break-in. We supplied and fitted 3-star T007 locks keyed alike to double French Patio doors.

If you’re looking for a lock that can help prevent lock snapping and improve the security, fit a 3 Star Anti-Snap door lock.

I you are unsure what type of locks you have you can contact Chris at Pentland Locksmiths Services on 0131 663 8003.