How To Find A Local Locksmith Near Me

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How Do I Find A Local Locksmith Near Me?

We do hear from customers from time to time that they “Didn’t know who to get to fix their door lock”, but it’s not that common. Most homeowners are very sensible they take their time and look around online and see who looks to be local and who doesn’t. It’s really not that difficult when you get into the detail of the locksmith business. Some of the key indicators are easily found if you look hard enough.

  • Do they have a genuine local address?
  • Do they use a local landline telephone number?
  • Is there a real photo of the locksmith and there van?
  • Do they have good local reviews?

These are important questions that can be answered just by looking at Google My business. Google are very strict with their local information and on the vast majority of map views the locksmith featured is more than likely to be local. If you see the example below you’ll see Pentland Locksmiths listed on Google my business on position 2. This was a search for local locksmith near me in Dalkeith and rest assured you have the genuine local locksmith near me.

Paid Listings At Top Of Google

If you do a search on Google for a locksmith near me in Dalkeith then the first 4 listings that pop are Paid adverts. More often than not these are National companies (NOT LOCAL), that will happily take the jacket of your back if they could get away with it. The type of work they are eager to get their grubby hands on is the Emergency Locksmith work. People in a panic, standing outside their homes and unable to get in. It can be all hours of day and Night and they will charge you the earth to get back in.

Find A Locksmith Near Me On Social Media

Social media can be a minefield at times for someone looking to find a local locksmith near me and can be very confusing because of the way the adverts are listed.

Local Facebook Groups

So we have the local Facebook groups commonly found in New Build estates. These groups are often closed to outsiders so it can be difficult to promote your local business without an invitation.

There was an example of a recent job I attended in Dalkeith with a homeowner who couldn’t get there UPVC French doors open. So she posted on her local facebook group asking if anyone knew a locksmith could fix her upvc patio French door locks.

Yes came the answer from a local Joiner saying he could do it. So she waited in all day, but the joiner who siad he could do it, didn’t show up. Next up was the local Handyman who said he could do it. In fairness to the Handyman he did actually turn up and that was about it. Totally out of his depth he told the homeowner the hinges would need to come off and the door physically removed, to get the door open. He continiued to play about with the door for 30 minutes then realised then he was out of his depth and told the homeowner she would be better with a genuine local locksmith.

So 56 hours after her first message on the local facebook group I get the call. It was 3pm the following day.

No problem Ill be down in 30 minutes and get it fixed. And it was. 2 air bags and the door is open. New Fullex locking system fitted and all done within an hour of her call.

So the moral of the story is if you are looking for a genuine local locksmith in Dalkeith Midlothian then make sure it is a genuine locksmith and not a Joiner, Handyman or carpet fitter trying do something they know nothing about so they can get some extra beer money for the weekend.

Conning customers is what they are doing.

Are Locksmiths Near Me Value For Money?

Have you heard the saying ‘cheap isn’t always the best’?

I bet you have and it normally came from a rip off company who charge 3 or 4 times what a genuine local locksmith would charge. You know the one’s; they are normally found on Google pretending to be local but always become famous when they get a feature on BBC Watchdog.

They have the brass neck to tell a customer that the price quoted from a local independent locksmith business is far too cheap and it can’t be genuine. You won’t get a receipt or a guarantee and more likely they will want cash. The National and Franchise companies spout this nonsense because they know deep down they are grossly over charging customers and they will tell any old lies to get the job.

The vast majority of Homeowners are sensible enough to take their time, look around and find their local locksmith near me. They can tell which locksmiths are local and which are NOT. So if you still have doubts and can’t make up your mind then just Call Chris from Pentland Locksmiths and ask. I will be more than happy to take your call and give you all the information you need. Call Chris Now: 0131 663 8003.