Locksmith Musselburgh

Locksmith Musselburgh

We Can Fix Your Locks in Musselburgh.

Locksmith Musselburgh. The coastal town of Musselburgh and for the adjacent homes near the beach area the sea air and salt water can be problematic for door locks. Salt water gets into the locks and mechanisms and eats away at the metal causing locks to jam and break.

uPVC Door Lock Repairs

Most of our door lock repair work in Musselburgh and Inveresk is uPVC lock Repairs. There are also a lot of homes fitted with older type double glazed door locks. We can fix most of these locks and also fit new uPVC door handles and locks.

If you have a door that is causing problems with locking or finding it difficult to lift the handle then give Chris a call we can generally align the door to make it easier to lock.

Garage Locks

We fit all types of Garage Door Locks

Most types of garage door handle problems are broken keys or damage to the lock due to badly cut keys. We replace all types of lockable garage handles. We also supply and fit additional garage door security, Garage Defender and Enfield Garage door Bolts

How to Prevent Lock Snapping

The threat of door lock snapping on uPVC and new build composite doors has become a problem in the new build estates around Musselburgh. Thieves are targeting these homes because they generally have high-performance cars sitting on the driveway. The best way to prevent lock snapping is to replace your existing locks with anti-snap locks. We fit Anti Snap locks as standard when a customer requires a door lock change.